"Engineering solutions"

Public sector

Civil engineering profession makes important contributions in our society by providing engineering services for construction, repair and upgrades to a range of infrastructure facilities which require to be environmentally sustainable for the economy and future generation. Our role in the design and contract administration of infrastructure projects are based on the development of safe, economic, efficient and sustainable assets. We understand that limitations of available resources for creating and managing infrastructure are making it extremely difficult in allocating sufficient resources to rectify deficiencies. Our aim is to continuously improving our performance by adherence to the principles of sustainable development in our design methodology, so as to enhance the quality of life of the general public and create a safe and better world for our future generation.

Our expertise of the practice areas and the services are as follows:

Practice areas


  • Feasibility study
  • Site design
  • Preliminary design
  • Detail engineering
  • Building Code analysis
  • General Review
  • Construction drawing
  • Construction specification
  • Contract administration
  • Shop drawing review
  • Structural condition assessment
  • Peer design review
  • Approvals and permit
  • Expert testimony service
  • Water treatment facility
  • Wastewater treatment facility
  • Water supply and distribution system
  • Sewage collection system
  • Sewage pumping station
  • Booster pumping station
  • ​Stormwater
  • Water storage tank
  • Intake
  • Repair and rehabilitation
  • Upgrade