"Engineering solutions"

McBel Engineering delivers design and contract administration for repairs and renovations to building and structure. Repair to concrete elements are most critical and common.  Project starts with the structural inspection and condition assessment. In the absence of drawings, we develop and implement an investigation program involving visual inspection, nondestructive testing, and calculations to form a rational basis for determining the structural capacity. We develop the approach based on our experience and industry knowledge, and judgment to make it valid and cost-effective.

Rehabilitation often requires increasing the load-carrying capacity of members within existing concrete structures   that fall deficient due to increased load demand associated with change of use, deficiencies in the original design or construction, or deterioration. We select most suitable methods based on the following factors:

  • Reason for strengthening
  • In-service conditions and in-place concrete strength
  • Dimensional clearance and constraints
  • Accessibility both for application and maintenance
  • Operational constraints & aesthetics

We provide conceptual design and budgetary cost estimates for different alternatives deriving pros and cons for each them. Once the owner select one from the different preliminary designs, we proceed for final design. 

Repair & Rehabilitation