Practice areas

"Engineering solutions"

MEL delivers detail engineering of individual elements as per the functional and site requirements. We produce design conforming to Canadian Codes & Standards.  We have the in-depth experience delivering a wide range of solutions assisting owners with the most effective alternative. Our design provides special emphasis to the operational needs, financial constraints, environmental footprint, neighborhood features and site requirements. For projects involving repair, upgrade or addition, we give special attention to dimensional/clearance constraints, accessibility, in-service condition, operational constraints and aesthetics. Our goal  is to provide functionality while achieving sustainability in the design of structure.

Our expertise covers the design of following structures:


  • Pedestrian bridge
  • ​Retaining wall
  • Wood structure
  • Steel structure
  • Aluminum structure
  • ​Underground structure
  • ​Permanent conveying structure
  • Foundation system
  • Manhole & valve chamber
  • Flow meter chamber
  • Equipment foundation
  • Utility support structure