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  • Sewage pumping station
  • Sewer main
  • Manhole
  • Forcemain


Wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) requires receiving continuous and uninterrupted supply of wastewater influent for continuous treatment to produce safe effluent to discharge to the natural water resources, according to the standards of Ministry of Environment. Several linear structures are involved in the system design to ensure guaranteed and smooth collection of the wastewater to the WWTP. Most of the sewage flow takes place under gravity, except where forcemain is provided from satellite sewage pumping station to the outfall sewer. McBel Engineering delivers professional engineering services for the civil and structural engineering of the different individual elements of a wastewater collection and transmission to designated WWTP. Our team produces design conforming to Canadian Codes & Standards. The design gives special emphasis to the operational needs,  financial constraints, environmental footprint, neighborhood features and social requirements. Our goal is to provide functionality while achieving sustainability in the design.

Our expertise covers the design of following units of wastewater collection and transmission system:​

Wastewater collection & transmission