"Engineering solutions"

  • Booster pumping station
  • Watermain 
  • Valve chambers
  • Elevated water tank
  • Standpipe
  • Pedestal​​


Water supply & distribution

In a water supply system there are several linear and vertical structures that are involved in the system design to ensure guaranteed and safe potable water supply to the consumers, spread all over the region. McBel Engineering delivers professional engineering services for structural design of the different individual elements of a water supply and distribution system. Our team produces design conforming to Canadian Codes & Standards.  We have the in-depth experience delivering a wide range of solutions assisting owners with most effective alternative in the process design, during the phase of conceptual design. 

We do detailed Code analysis of the design of the building and structure to conform to the local building Code and Regulations. The design gives special emphasis to the operational needs, financial constraints, environmental footprint, neighborhood features and social requirements. Our goal is to provide functionality while achieving sustainability in the design.

Our expertise covers the design of following elements: