"Engineering solutions"


Water treatment facility

Our firm delivers civil and structural engineering design of the individual units of a water treatment plant. Our team produces design conforming to Canadian Codes & Standards.  We have the in-depth experience delivering a wide range of solutions giving owners most effective alternative in the process design, during conceptual design. We have expertise in performing detailed Code analysis of the building. The design gives special emphasis to the operational needs, financial constraints, environmental footprint, neighborhood features and social requirements. Our goal is to provide functionality while achieving sustainability in the design. 

Our expertise in the design of water treatment facilities includes the following:

  • Intake
  • Well house
  • High lift pumping station
  • Low lift pumping station
  • Wash tower
  • Coagulation tank
  • Settling tank
  • Filter building
  • Chlorine building
  • Clear well
  • Reservoir